Drafting Engineer

Division: Millwork

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $25.00 - $45.00 per hour

*** Salary dependent on experience, skills, and qualifications; is negotiable. ***
Benefits Available

AM Cabinets Inc. is a commercial architectural millwork company looking for new team members to grow and maintain its status of one Southern California’s industry leaders.


This position is responsible for creating CNC programs from construction drawings with proper material assignments and machining using Microvellum and AutoCAD software. The incumbent will be required to create machine code from both the standard library and from the creation of custom products. Incumbent will require knowledge of materials used in fabrication along with their specifications in order to create fully machined nest drawings for a CNC router. Additionally, incumbent needs to have the ability to develop 2D AutoCAD shop drawings from architectural and interior design drawings for submittal and eventually construction.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience: 3 – 5 years experience is required for this position using AutoCAD and Microvellum in a millwork/cabinet or wood/plastic producing environment.
  • Must have an understanding of Microvellum or equal software; development of custom products, material assignments, machining tokens and global variables.
  • Must have an understanding of AutoCAD; proven skills in the development of floor plans, elevations and all necessary sections and details.
  • Have a familiarity with multiple material types used in manufacturing custom cabinetry and their specifications, sizes and availability.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office platforms (i.e., Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.).
  • Ability to work in a professional manner and collaboratively in a diverse environment with all levels of employees.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Interpret construction drawings in order to build products and parts through Microvellum with full machining for joinery and hardware which will be nested and have CNC G-code generated.
  • Assess the drawings to determine the proper starting product to be modified to create new custom products; ability to create custom products in Microvellum.
  • Assign proper materials to products with attention to thickness, board sizes and grain/pattern directions.
  • Include and assign machining to parts for all applicable hardware including hinges, pulls, drawer slides, grommets, access panels, row holes, etc.
  • Understanding of basic machine operations and distinguishing proper tooling to assign for each machining action.
  • Create organized nest drawings to be used by the machine operator.
  • Troubleshoot G-code and machine error codes as they relate to the CNC program. 
  • Work directly with shop floor personnel on issues and manufacturing concerns, ensuring continuous product and process improvements.
  • Interpret architectural and interior design drawings to create 2D construction drawings using AutoCAD 2010 or greater (preferably course taught).
  • Provide complete, detailed and accurate drawings to manufacture operations adhering to customer’s needs and any applicable codes and regulations.
  • Prepare construction information (i.e. drawings, cut lists, BOM) providing the necessary information for programming, machining and assembly operations.
  • Develop and modify existing products from established standard specifications. 
  • Prepare approval drawings that ensure all the essential product information is signed off by the customer.

**The duties of these positions may change from time to time. AM Cabinets Inc. reserves the right to add or delete duties and responsibilities at their discretion. The job description is intended to describe the general level of work being performed. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.